Biology 2

Biology Level II Module | <p> NCEA Eagle is a secure interactive learning tool that improves the user's method of creating and remembering revision notes. This cloud-based innovation tailors learning to the individual student and provides all the visual-aids and resources 24/7 to make learning external NCEA subjects fast. </p> <p>Firstly, students identify what they need to know for achieved/merit/excellence grades using easy to read skill lists for each topic within each achievement standard. They then identify how to avoid common mistakes that many students make, key words needed and terminology required for merit and excellence answers.</p> <p>The system allows the user to physically see their knowledge grow as they "lock the information into their memory". A variety of memory tricks and thinking skills are provided alongside visual big picture views for each section of all achievement standards of a subject.</p> <p> This complete solution helps students to quickly become confident that they will get excellences in their exams.</p> <p>This "truly remarkable resource" was created by Otago University science graduates and research scientists. </p>

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